Places to buy Jane Austen 1st Edition Antiquarian Collectable Titles

Among the independent bookstores specialising in old books, there are different varieties. Some are traditional bookstores that you have already visited, with a window, regular opening hours and a cash desk where you can go to ask for information. Others, which are a little more upscale, will look more like galleries, having all the characteristics of a normal store but with a more luxurious appearance. In a different register, we find sellers of rare books who work from their home or a very small store and sell most of their articles via catalogue, auction, on the internet or by opening their doors to the public only by appointment. -you. Do not hesitate to arrange a meeting but never arrive when it is not planned.

Old book fairs and exhibitions

An old book fair is a trade fair where all booksellers from a specific region, country or even the whole world come together, bringing their most interesting works with them in order to sell them. This type of event is an exceptional chance to meet many experts in the field and see a large number of very specific works.


The Internet has revolutionised the world of book sales. Gone are the days when advertisements were placed in trade magazines explaining that one was looking for a particular book and hoping that a bookseller with the book in question would read the article and contact you. Now, Jane Austen 1st Edition Antiquarian Collectable Titles can simply search the inventories of every bookstore in the world from home, buy the book he needs for his collection and have it delivered to his door. There are different types of businesses on the internet that you, as buyers, need to know about.

Online bookstores and bookstores

Many booksellers have their own websites. They can range from a simple page showing where the geographic location of the bookstore and can sometimes contain a research inventory that allows you to buy directly from the bookseller.

Online marketplaces

A marketplace is a website where many booksellers list their books in a single inventory. This allows the collector to simultaneously search among thousands of books at the best price and the most interesting provenance. These marketplace sites almost always offer to make the purchase through their platform without being redirected to the bookseller’s site. So an online marketplace has the same role as an auction house providing a place and tools for buyers and sellers to operate their business. Christian Mccann Auctions is one of this type of online platforms. No matter the size of an auction, they are always a great way to find valuable books such as Jane Austen 1st Edition Antiquarian Collectable Titles. Before going there, browse the catalogue, go to the exhibitions and plan your purchases.

Conclusion and other tips

Now that you have familiarised yourself with the different places where you can buy collectible books, here are some tips to look out for when shopping for a book. They should be considered as general rules since there are many exceptions.