Jane Austen

Why is Jane Austen still relevant today?
Jane Austen wrote a lot of books that are still being read up to this day. They may have been published a long time ago but they are still relevant due to the lessons they bring the reader. The plots are so fascinating that you will be drawn until you end up reading the entire book.

Why is Jane Austen so popular?
Jane’s 6 novels are what her so popular especially Pride and Prejudice. Sense and Sensibility are also good. All her books are so if you have the time, you must read all of them and you will learn a lot of new things. As they say, it is always beneficial to learn something new each day. There are even some teachers who would require reading this novel then they will give lessons about it.

What is Jane Austen’s view on marriage?
Jane Austen thinks that when two people get married, it should be because of true love. It should not be because of money where one of them is paid just to get along with the marriage. It should not be also because of social position where one of them is marrying the other because of how rich he is. If it is not true love, then there is no sense for the marriage to happen.

What was the cause of Jane Austen’s death?
Jane Austen died because of a rare disease called Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Several years after she died, there are still many people who can’t believe the true cause of her death. Many people would have their theories including arsenic poisoning and cancer. The reason why so many people can’t believe she died of that cause if because she died at such a young age of 41. Who knows what she would have done if she lived longer? There is no doubt she would have wrote more novels.

Are Pride and Prejudice still relevant today?
Yes because it has a lot of timeless insights about human behaviour. You will pick up a lot of things while reading the book and you can’t blame yourself if you end up recommending it to your kids. It is a timeless novel since it did not deal with any of the social issues currently happening at the time. It is about the love story of Darcy and Elizabeth. They love each other so much but they would need to overcome a lot of things before everything is said and done.

Should men read Jane Austen?
Yes, because all of Jane’s books have lessons for both sexes. Without spoiling anything, they are a good read for guys and girls. Guys can become uninterested in the beginning but that is normal. It would be advisable to read up until the very end. All of Jane’s novels are highly entertaining as she was able to create compelling characters. Whether you love or hate the characters, they will have a big impact on your life.