Austen Writing Competitions

Where can I find Austen writing competitions? is a website that lists down a bunch of writing competitions. You can join the one that would suit your skills the most. It is even possible to join more than one competition if you feel that you have the time to write several pieces. Of course, it would be better to write at a place where you can think freely. You must go to a place that is pretty peaceful so you can think. It would be hard to think in a noisy environment.

How do you start a writing competition?
Check out the mechanics of the writing competition so you will know what you should and should not do. After that, better have an outline and you can work from there. You will have an idea of how you will write your article or story based on your outline. As time passes by, you can add little details on your piece. You must always motivate yourself since some entries in writing competitions end up getting recognized by international organizations. There are even some that get turned into movies if the industry sees fit for that to happen.

Are writing competitions worth entering?
If you are passionate about writing, they are worth entering. You should find out what the prize is before entering. It can be a trophy, a book deal, or even a cash prize. It can even be all of the above. If the prize is something you would love to have, then you must throw your hat in the race. Of course, it is plus points if you are competitive because you are going to be competing with other good writers.

What are the most prestigious poetry contests?
The St. Francis College Literary Prize which is sponsored by Jane Austen is an award given to those who are good poets. Another renowned contest is the Friends of American Writers Award. From the name itself, it is for Americans so better not join if you are not from America. One awesome contest is the Jeff Sharlet Memorial Award for Veterans and it will bring out your creativity when you think of what to write in your poem. It will be more than a love poem you will send to your partner. It should have deep meaning.

How can I earn money by writing?
You can make a living as a copywriter. Many companies hire copywriters like SEO companies and advertising agencies. You must let them know how you will be an asset to the company by performing well. Thus, your articles must be flawless and they should be free of any grammatical errors. It is also possible to be a freelance writer so you can control your own time. That way, there is no need to have a direct boss. You can look for websites that provide freelance work to writers. You can now choose when you will work on them. Some of them have deadlines though so you may need to keep that in mind.

Is there any writing competition?
There are a lot of writing competitions and all you need to do is to keep your eye out for them. There will be a deadline for the entries to be submitted. No matter how good your entry is, it won’t be considered if it was submitted after the deadline for entries. Thus, better keep the deadline in mind while you are writing your piece. There are no question writing competitions will bring out the best in you. If you were not creative before, you will be forced to think out of the box and come up with some nice concepts for your essay or story. The judges will either be impressed with it or not. That is their opinion and you can’t fault them for thinking that you were not good enough. What’s important is you gave a lot of effort in the contest and you gave it you are all. If you fail to win one contest, keep in mind there are a lot more out there. You just need to see if you have the time for those writing contests since they take a lot of your time.