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National Football League

The history of the National Football League, NFL. The NFL was formed in 1920 in Canton in the state of Ohio, then being called the American Professional Football Association, AFPA. Then, the president of the league who was also a player in the same league was Jim Thorpe.


The league’s current name, NFL, was adopted in 1922. Among the founding teams were Cleveland Tigers, Dayton Triangles, Akron Pros, Columbus Panhandlers, and Canton Bulldogs all from Ohio. Illinois had four teams; Decatur Staleys, Chicago Tigers, Rock Island Independents and Racine Cardinals. Indiana had Muncie Flyers and Hammond Pros. Two clubs, Rochester Jeffersons, and Buffalo All-Americans came from New York while Detroit Heralds from Michigan. Of these founding clubs, only two remain in the current league, Chicago Cardinals now called Arizona Cardinals, and Decatur Staleys now called the Chicago Bears. The first official game of the early league was played in 1933. After the 2nd World War, several changes were made in the league, with the President of the league becoming more powerful than before. Teams were starting to be financially stable.


However in 1960, a rival league, the American Football League was founded. This league was so successful that it even forced a merger with the NFL in 1970 and this gave birth to a 26-team circuit and a new Championship, the Super Bowl. The league continued expanding with more teams joining, and currently, there are 32 teams in the league.